September 29, 2020
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Where do my Tax Dollars Go?

Find out where your tax dollars are going: to schools, the city, county, redevlopment projects or elsewhere. Find out now.

Notice of Special Tax
Fulfill your legal disclosure obligation by generating a Notice of Special Tax for your property. Sellers in Mello-Roos districts must have this document. Start by finding your property, or finding a tax charge.

More on Reports...

To better understand your property taxes, we've included new information tools connected to the largest property tax database in California. Our goal is to give you convenient access to the most detailed information about your property taxes. Here you'll find all the documentation on property taxes we have to offer.

Find My Property
To find out more about the tax charges administered by City of Lake Elsinore, use our property search page to locate property tax information specific to your property. You'll find a partial view of your tax bill, and detailed information about the tax charges we administer. Search Now.

View Tax Charges
This area will show you every tax charge administered by City of Lake Elsinore. From there you can see official documentation of the tax charge's formation, as well as official bond statements, and other importand information. View Now.

Help Center
Our help center will tell you more about the way property taxes work, and about specific types of charges. Continue.

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