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SECTION 61710-61718

61710. Improvement districts may be formed in a district in the same manner as improvement districts are formed in irrigation districts. An improvement district shall have the power to acquire, construct, operate, and maintain only those improvements or facilities necessary or required to carry out the purposes of the district which have been authorized pursuant to Chapter 1 (commencing with Section 61600), of this part.

61711. The board of directors of a district shall have the same rights, powers, duties and responsibilities with respect to the formation and government of improvement districts in districts as the board of directors of an irrigation district has with respect to improvement districts in irrigation districts.

61712. (a) Assessments in an improvement district in a district shall be levied, collected and enforced at the same time and in as nearly the same manner as practicable as annual taxes for purposes of the district in which formed, except that the assessment shall be made in the same manner as provided with respect to improvement districts in irrigation districts, and in conformance with the requirements of Section 53753.

(b) New or increased assessments shall be made pursuant to Section 53753.

61713. As an alternative to levying an assessment in an improvement district as provided in Section 61712, the district board may levy an ad valorem tax within the improvement district pursuant to the provisions of Part 6 (commencing with Section 61750), Division 3, Title 6.

61715. Whenever, in the opinion of the board, the public interest or convenience may require, it may order to be done in, under, or upon the whole or any portion of any one or more of the streets or public places of the district, or any property or rights-of-way owned by the district, any work or improvement which the district is authorized to do and provide that the cost thereof shall be assessed upon the lots and lands fronting on the streets or public places, or upon any district to be assessed therefor, which district need not be composed of lands contiguous to each other. The Improvement Act of 1911, the Municipal Improvement Act of 1913, and the Improvement Bond Act of 1915 are applicable to districts.

61716. In the application of said acts to proceedings under this section the terms used in said acts shall have the following meanings:

(a) "City council" and "council" mean board.

(b) "City" and "municipality" mean district.

(c) "Clerk" and "city clerk" mean secretary.

(d) "Superintendent of streets" and "street superintendent" and "city engineer" mean the general manager of the district or any other person appointed to perform such duties.

(e) "Tax collector" means county tax collector.

(f) "Treasurer" and "city treasurer" mean the county treasurer who is the depositary of the district pursuant to Section 61730.

(g) "Right of way" means any parcel of land through which a right of way has been granted to the district for the purpose of constructing or maintaining or work or improvements which the district is authorized to do.

61717. The powers and duties conferred by said acts upon boards, officers and agents of cities shall be exercised by the board, officers and agents of the district, respectively.

61718. The improvements authorized to be constructed or acquired by this chapter are restricted to those permitted to be constructed or acquired pursuant to Section 61600.