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SECTION 22000-22014

22000. This part may be cited as the Tree Planting Act of 1931.

22001. This part shall be liberally construed to effectuate its purposes.

22002. This part provides an alternative system for the planting, maintaining or removing of trees in cities, and the provisions of this part shall not apply to or affect any other provisions of this code. When any proceedings are commenced under this part, the provisions of this part and no other shall apply to all such proceedings.

22003. Unless the particular provision or the context otherwise requires, the definitions and general provisions contained in this chapter shall govern the construction of this part.

22004. The city charter of any city adopting the provisions of this part shall control if any provision of this part is contrary to or in conflict with the charter, or if any provision of the charter requires any matter or thing specified in this part to be done in a particularly described manner.

22005. "City" includes all corporations organized and existing for municipal purposes.

22006. "Improvement" includes the planting, maintenance, or removal of trees, and any and all acts necessarily incident thereto.

22007. "City council" and "council" include any body which by law is the legislative department of the government of the city.

22008. "Board" means a board of park commissioners, park department, or other similar municipal authority, whether composed of one or more individuals, having control of or jurisdiction over, or charged with the duty of superintending, directing, planting, maintaining, removing and otherwise caring for the parks, trees, shrubs and vegetation within a city.

22009. "Tree" includes all varieties of trees, shrubs and other ornamental vegetation.

22010. "Street" means all or any portion of territory within a city set apart and designated for the use of the public as a thoroughfare for travel, and includes the sidewalks, the center and the side plots thereof.

22011. "Lot line" means the boundary line separating that portion of a lot or parcel of land set apart for individual use and occupancy from the street.

22012. "Maintain" or any of its variants when used in reference to trees includes clipping, spraying, fertilizing, irrigating, propping, treating for disease or injury, and other similar acts which promote the life, growth, health and beauty of trees.

22013. "Tax collector" includes any body, board, bureau or officer charged with the duty of collecting assessments for a city.

22014. No publication or notice other than that provided for in this part shall be necessary to give validity to any proceedings had hereunder.